Growing up in Nashville was always a pain; being smaller than most and not into the redneck lifestyle she always despised the country hicks that reminded her of deliverance and the evolutionary theory. When she turned 16 she was sure of one thing, the gene-pool needed some chlorine. Noticing men always looking at her she decided that she could do what she wanted by means of seduction and flirting. Starting her sophomore year at humm fog she had access to a chemistry book and a lab. Over the course of the school year she collected ingredients and studied formals in addition to her schoolwork. Finally summer break Emily had collected over 150kg of materials for her plan to clean the gene-pool. Sneaking out at night so scout locations was easy, each night she would venture out and visit locations and check securities, occasionally starting an apartment or house fire, timing emergency responders and getting rid of witnesses. When she would return she would work on her map and plan a route to cause the most human casualties.

2 years later

Thrusting the blade up and back, Emily feels the sticky warmth of the crimson river over her fingers, the tingling excitement between her legs, and the increasing weight of the guy with the gold watch and three hundred dollars shoes. Looking around she drags the body into an ally and takes the watch, wallet, and rings. Turning the corner she walks to a bank, using a wet nap to clean her hands. Using stolen cards at the atm to withdraw money from her latest victim’s account she makes a quick 400 extra from the kill. Walking back to the car she drives back to her place makes a snack and watches something on HBO.

Days Later

Deciding to relax with some good music, the Symbian, bit of smoke she got from the barkeeper down on Lexington and 4th, a good even of pleasure is just getting going when the door busts in and men in combat armor and assault rifles shove Emily off of the Symbian onto the carpet. “What the FUCK!?” she yells and the man handcuffing her says “you are under arrest for the murder of Tom Bredeson”. You have the right to remain silent….

“Ugn”Ugn”Ugn” Emily panted as the new guard sodomized her. He lays down on her.”Great, now he’s crushing me”, Maybe I should kill him when he… “MOTHERFUCKER” she screams as a sharp pain in the side of her neck then things start to grow gray and dim. “Beep”Beep”Beep” sound is to loud and everything is bright again. Fluttering her eyes open she’s staring at the plastic cover for the florescent light, glancing over confirms that he nose has told her was true, infirmary such a terrible word she mused. Feeling a bit stiff in the neck she rubs it finding a bandage and realizing that her hands are not strapped down, grinning she hops out of bed and hides the gown in the cabinet draw where she discovers epi pens, some gauze and some tape. Taping 4 hypos together she ejects all of the epinephrine into the sink, using the hand sanitizer she refills the epi pens with 85% ethyl alcohol solution. Loosening the tape she hides the weapon in her hair using the loose tape she removes the unused retrains from her bed. Making her way down the corridor she spies identical rooms on each side finally peering in the last room there is the ass raping guard thrusting into something slight and muffles moans coming from the other side of him indicate he has bound his next victim. Creeping up as only one in bare feet can, Emily stabs an epi pen into his neck while pulling back in a jerks spraying his blood all over her face and mouth. He turns around in rage and she has one of the retrains slapped on his reaching hand. Not seeing a place to strap him to she dances back toward the door. Retrieving another pen and crouches in the doorway waiting for his rush. Being tackled from behind is never pleasant, not to mention the beating that follows.

--—===========================================------- Sitting up she swings her legs over and hops off the table she spies the clock 5:16 am, “wonder why I’m not strapped in the infirmary?” she muses. Walking though a set a double doors she finds a sink and a mirror, “Wow, I’m really pale”, pausing with head tilted she considers the evidence, placing a finger to the hollow in her neck she noted that there is no bandage or scar or even a pulse! Stunned by the confirmation she slips down against a wall. After a few moments of thinking she shouts out “SO MANY ARE GONNA DIE

Coming around again she’s once again in the infirmary the smell is a bit different though, metal walls with doors?! "HOLYGODFUCK! She wakes in the morgue, naked with a sheet over her.


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